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Why Use a Professional Website Developer?

Do it Yourself Website Builders vs Professional Website Developers


If you are thinking about building a new website, you have to decide whether to do it yourself or outsource to a professional. In years gone by, there would have been no question about hiring a pro to get the website you wanted, but now, thanks to the rise of online tools like website builders, it is easy for the non-techies amongst us to build a half-decent website. But does the fact that you can, really mean you should?


Website builders like GoDaddySquarespace,  and Wix are the obvious choices. They offer some of the straightforward and least expensive paths to creating a web presence. These website builders will however only give you a simple website. They are less comprehensive and more limiting (for things like style and function) than a system like WordPress but are simple to use. With builders like this, you are likely to have limited SEO capabilities, thus limiting your search engine appearance. DIY website builders are really only suitable for small websites who only need an online presence..


Tailored Website To Meet Your Business Needs


By outsourcing to a professional developer, you will get a professionally designed website which works. Your developer will ensure that all functions required for your website will work flawlessly, from forms to Ecommerce. Things like the user interface and experience will also be of high quality. This will guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of your site. A good website designer will spend time getting to know your business and customers, in order to understand your website objectives.  Only then can they deliver the best online solution for your business success. 


With a good web designer, you will be left with your own unique website, and as a result, boost your credibility. 


Keep it Professional

A professional website development agency has dedicated people and resources to create quality that will be hard for a novice to match. And not just that –  they have the organisational infrastructure to clearly set out project goals and timelines for completion.

Sure, DIY platforms make the creation process as simple as possible, but they won’t perform research and development. Will Wix provide goal centric client deliverables? Can Squarespace brainstorm customised site themes that highlight the benefits of your business?

Don’t underestimate the value of hands on professional experience in website development. 

In summary, a professional web developer can:

  • Work with you and keep you informed throughout the development process.
  • Advise on best practices for a cohesive design.
  • Ensure that you have an understanding of the back-end and user interface of your site so you can keep it running smoothly.  Ask for a package that includes training on handover so you are clear on how to add products or amend services, for example.

Troubleshooting and SEO

A site built by a professional will boost your online visibility by giving you optimal SEO benefits. While most website builders have little to no tools for SEO, professional web design services have use of first-rate keyword research and planning tools to fully optimise your site for search engines. As well as this, the site will be fully optimised to your requirements for customer conversion, to generate leads and create more sales, offering you ROI.

One of the most substantial benefits of hiring a website development agency or an experienced web developer is that you will have continued tech support. Therefore, when problems arise you know exactly who to call for troubleshooting and solutions.

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