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Meet Adeline. She has over nine years’ experience in social media and digital marketing, previously on consumer brand side and most recently running her own consultancy, Media Bites. She thrives on developing strong social media strategies and content which go above and beyond client briefs. With her extensive digital  experience, Adeline uses her knowledge and creativity to create high impact video and content which has been known to achieve ‘viral’ coverage. She is our social media advertising guru and runs our social media workshops both face to face and online.  She is the official office karaoke queen! 

With over 10 years of marketing experience, Rosie laid the foundations for Mapped Marketing by herself, and in less than 2 years Mapped Marketing has developed into an SMB with an entire team of marketing experts and specialists. Under Rosie working as lead strategist, Mapped Marketing and the Media Snug have now joined forces, combining their expertise and knowledge base, and providing clients a more holistic communications offering. She has a big heart and truly cares about her clients and staff – checking in on the team regularly to ensure they’re happy and maintaining a good work/life balance. Always positive and never one to be brought down by anything, she starts each meeting with a huge smile and a happy thought!

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The Media Snug is an award-winning content marketing, PR and design consultancy.  We focus on delivering growth for businesses, ensuring your brand is seen, heard and loved by all the right people in all the right places.

We have worked on a number of launches in the parenting and beauty sector as well as regular campaigns and marketing projects of all sizes in the health, lifestyle, pets, building, airlines, logistics and other B2B sectors. 

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We start by looking at your brand, identifying your USP’s, messaging, vision, and importantly look at who your customer is.  We want to know not just who they are, but what they love and how they want to feel, and then we can build the experience around them.

We then build our strategy and campaign plan through 3 stays: Disrupt, Engage and Grow.  Through all three stages, we aim to tell the brand story, create an experience for the customer and engage with them wherever they are.  


Through aspirational content marketing we will drive awareness and visibility, followers and engagement, sales and reviews to position brands in the hearts and minds of your customers.

The Media Snug help build a buzz around your brand using a clever and creative mix of some or all of the following marketing tools:


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