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Some of you will be old enough to remember the legendary Roy Castle and the opening title song to Record Breakers…? Well I like to replace the word dedication with meditation, just for fun. (singing) if you wanna be the best if you wanna beat the rest meditation’s what you need.

Simply put maintaining a healthy mind and body is my suggested way to deal with yourself, each other and the wider world as experienced through family, work and social interactions. No matter what challenges I have to face, making the right choices are not always easy and will often come down to conditioning and experience. My offer of help here is investigate how to meditate. Trust me it will literally change your brain.

What’s your view of the world? Do you have a positive, negative or indifferent outlook? I must admit at first my response is probably one of shock and sadness at what I believe I’m seeing and hearing. Then the hope that if terrible things are being revealed we can stop them from happening. Having a positive mindset, never giving up and staying calm constantly help me overcome my greatest fears and challenges, allowing me to practice successful outcomes? Morning meditation strengthens my resolve, unpacks my mind and makes space for the right thoughts to flow.

I may not be able to change all the suffering of others in this world on my own, but a practised positive outlook and attitude can carry that desire very far, and multiply itself in ways unknown. Through my SidTALKS workshops and transformations I am witnessing that kind of effect first hand. Children are blossoming and blooming rapidly with a little bit of nourishing.

Allegedly Lao Tzu said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Apparently meaning that the greatest journey starts from humble beginnings. I don’t have to believe in Taoism to trust that sentiment. I take it to mean I can embody a calm approach to goal setting and if I try to leap from start to the goal, I not only miss the journey’s steps but end up wondering why I’ve arrived. I’m imagining my journey like a scale with start and finish at either end, where spending too much time on one side will tip me off balance. So it is vitally important to get going and take that first step, meditation helps by keeping me connected. Try it and thank me later. In fact let me know how you get on. And if you’re looking for transformational workshops for your school give me a shout.

Good luck on your journey and please stay healthy.

Sid Sloane

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