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Franchise Social Media Management

Are you a franchisor with a growing brand? We understand that each franchisee comes a whole new range of admin tasks, including social media for each franchisee. How do you allow successful marketing of each franchise whilst keeping in control of each franchisee’s social media accounts?

One of the biggest problems facing franchisors, is keeping control of branding when remote social pages are set up, and then keeping control of the pages at the end of a franchisee’s contract. Alongside the policy of controlling passwords there are other guidelines that we can offer you as part of The Media Snug franchisor solutions.

Social Media Franchisor solution includes

Franchisee Facebook Page

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Facebook Locations for business is the perfect platform for franchisees. We handle the set up of each new page as your new franchisee joins you. Your new franchisee becomes an admin on the location page. The header and profile image stays the same as your parent page. The parent page posts will appear on the timeline of all the location pages. See Burger King as an example of this used.

Customers will find your business faster

As the Parent page, you can list and manage all of your franchisees on Facebook so that each location can be found in a Facebook search or when they land on your main business parent page.

Twitter Account

We’ll create a twitter account for each franchisee, using your brand guide lines and handle guidelines. Do you have an rss feed for your blog? If you do you’re one step ahead as each account can use this feed to generate tweets.

Instagram Account

As above, we’ll use your brand guidelines to set up an instagram account for your franchisee. We’ll also link the instagram account to the franchisees facebook page for maximum management.

Franchisee training

Going from the world of personal social media to business social media can sometimes be a daunting prospect for a new franchisee. We can train each franchisee to make the most of their social media channels completely remotely using skype or via a closed Facebook group.

Grow Your Franchise

All of the above can be carried out as you grow your business and will apply for each new franchisee, we’ll handle your franchise social media so you can concentrate on what you do best!

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