Grow your business

half-day face to face training course

This intensive, 1 day course is ideal for developing your knowledge of digital marketing. Giving a complete overview of the digital marketing landscape, we'll introduce the fundamentals of social media, content marketing, seo, analytics and more.


Course Topics

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Analytics & Data

  • Working with Influencers

Who Should Attend?

Our 'Grow Your Business' course is suitable for beginners, new businesses or anyone looking for a broad understanding of Digital Marketing. It's ideal for those who have experience with traditional, offline marketing who want to be introduced to the digital spectrum, as well as those who may already have some experience with digital marketing but want to learn how the different channels fit together.

We have guaranteed small class sizes, ensuring you'll be able to apply what you learn as soon as you return to your office!



Course aims

  • Gain an understanding of key digital marketing tools and techniques to drive traffic, conversions and engagement.

  • Learn proven strategies to generate leads and increase your audience, ultimately improving ROI.

  • To be able to apply a digital marketing plan to your business.

What Will you Learn?

  • Essential digital marketing tools, key channels and the underlying principles

  • How to put together a digital marketing plan

  • How to run effective email marketing campaigns

  • How to market your business on Social Media

  • How to run a successful and engaging blog on your brand website

  • Basic Analytics - monitoring your digital marketing success


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