Sid Sloane

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Actor presenter and writer, Sid Sloane needs little introduction.

Loved by children and parents across the nation, perhaps best known as one of CBeebies’ most-loved founding presenters, Sid Sloane has many more strings to his bow than you may at first think.

Actor presenter and writer, Sid is an energetic force in the world of entertainment. From stage, screen, radio, voiceovers and educational appearances, his versatile talent and pragmatic approach sets him apart from other personalities within his genre.

Hailing from south London, Sid began his working life gaining experience in business, but after a change in direction he trained as an actor and performer back at the start of the new millennium.

Landing the main role in a UK number 1 theatre tour of ‘The Twits’, and Sid’s own production at the Brighton Festival in 2000, drew the attention of BBC Executives, propelling him into a world of new creative directions and opportunity.

After securing the CBeebies gig, helping to launch the BAFTA and RTA winning TV channel, his performing life really took off with Sid going on to star in TV, radio and stage shows all around the globe.

Fast-forward 18 years and Sid Sloane is now using his passion for drama and creativity to help make a difference. Not only does he thrive on performing in a traditional sense, but he also uses his profile as a celebrity to tackle wider community and social issues. Sid’s involvement in the launch of arts and training programmes promoting important messages to school children, public speaking and event hosting, and support for charitable causes add to his already impressive (and long) CV.