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Phil started his barbering journey 30 years ago in a small traditional barbershop in Port Glasgow. He's enjoying, as he would say, the 30th year of his apprenticeship.

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In the last 30 years Phil's barbering skills have taken him travelling around the world, learning tips from the very best. His highlight, without a doubt, owning and running the professional football club Crawley Town FC.

Phil is currently partnering two of the most successful and busy barbershops in the country - Carlo & co. He's also a proud ambassador for the Men's Hair Federation (#Mhfed), working closely with industry icon Adam Sloan in training and educating at every level.

Along with being presented with the prestigious Grand Master Barber status with the British Master Barbers Tony Copeland, last year Phil joined the City & Guilds advisory board to the men's hairdressing industry and is striving to play his part in raising and sustaining the Industry's High Standards.

High Standards is what Phil is well known for in every aspect of his training. "I tell all the young guns in the industry that I mentor and teach, If they strive to be the very best in their Salon/Town you will become a local Celeb... you literally will be more popular than the mayor or local football star, you won't be able to go anywhere locally without people being more than glad to see you! Barbering is such a personal thing and making people feel special is one thing but giving them a cut that is spot on is another..." 

Phil also stressed that "far too many barbers are wanting to become Facebook and Instagram famous, when essentially and more importantly you should aim to get famous in your own town where it makes you money... thousands of pounds for me is better in the long run than thousands of likes"

Barbershops are also very unique and unlike many other businesses on the high street; they are a mecca for networking. Over the years Phil has been successful in many businesses, all to do with contacts he has made in the barber chair. In one of these, he works along side Falklands Island hero Simon Weston with his product for sale nationwide.

The highlight of his barbering career is undoubtedly the day he took on Crawley Town Football Club as Co/Owner and Director. Phil through his many barbering contacts raised huge investment which helped take his team from non league football to league 1, including an FA Cup run to Old Trafford.

Phil said "In most boardrooms around the country I was proud to say I'm from the men's hair industry when asked by millionaire businessmen... the look on their faces! One said I can't be a barber and own a football club"

So what does the future hold for Phil Jarman? 

First and foremost he's building his business in Hertfordshire, working hard at continuously improving the standards. "Customer service is not a USP anymore in business, customer delight IS. By training, nurturing and working closely with the staff, a great environment is naturally produced".

Business and marketing are at the forefront of the success at Carlo&Co and recently their amazing adverts and company car wrap went Viral with Lord Alan Sugar tweeting that it "was genius". An accolade indeed from a guru of successful business .

With 2018 around the corner Phil has a exciting year to look forward to with the Mens Hair Federation #MHFED .... another exciting chapter is sure to open through the new brand partnership with Denman and Panasonic.