international women's day 2018


Here at The Media Snug, we are so lucky to work with so many inspiring women. This International Women's Day, we want to honour and celebrate them and their fantastic achievements.  

When we took a step back and totted up how many awe-inspiring women we meet and work with on a daily basis, we felt humbled, honoured and beyond proud of what collectively they have all achieved.  In an ideal world, we would feature each and every one of them here (and there are hundreds!), but we think we would still be here this time next year uploading their stories!!!  To all the company directors, bloggers, influencers, journalists, writers, speakers and friends - you know who you are - we salute you and encourage you to take a moment this International Women's Day to focus on what you have achieved, not what you feel you still need to, and be proud.  YOU ARE AMAZING!  


Meet just some of the inspiring women we have the privilege to work with and find out why they think International Women's Day is so important...



A wave of emotion … 

Blog Post by Jo Ferrone


We met the lovely Jo Ferrone at The Mum and Working Academy, where she told us she had written 50 blogs, but didn't have the courage to publish one. We feel very privileged and hugely honoured to be able to publish her first blog post here The Media Snug.  Join us in congratulating Jo, and we look forward to reading many more! 


'Yikes, I only popped out for a few supplies.

What I didn’t anticipate was a vivid flashback followed by a gulp as I tried to stop my eyes flooding with tears.  Whoosh, just like that, I‘d been overcome with emotion; both from memories and the realisation of how far I’d come since my struggles of becoming a Mum.

It was just a normal day; the children were at school, I was busy balancing the usual business and home commitments as I strode purposefully through the supermarket car park; but my mental balancing act didn’t stop me from smiling politely at the few people I passed.  An elderly man getting into his car in a disabled space happened to be my first ‘success’ - he looked tired and drawn but the smile he reciprocated with was an absolute corker!  In fact when he smiled back, his whole face visibly lit up.  “Yay!” I had made a little difference in his day.  Then a thought occurred to me; I could not have done that 10 years ago. 

Back then I was in a different and far more vulnerable place mentally.   A new mum, lucky enough to have brought a healthy baby into the world - I should have been on cloud nine, hopping and skipping whilst beaming with delight.  But I wasn’t.  I was far from cloud nine.  I certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to beam at people in public, and sadly I didn’t have loads of smiles or energy within me either.  Yes, I really struggled when I had my baby.

All I wished for back then was for others to give me a reassuring smile or talk to me, ask me if I was OK maybe. I felt invisible, my identity having vanished.

I’d sit in coffee shops with my baby (on the rare days I’d summoned energy and confidence to go out), surrounded by people in pairs or in groups, all being social and having fun.  I felt so very alone.

Why don’t people seem to notice that person on their own, why do they not interact?'  


In reality they are busy, distracted or caught up in their own world - all completely normal and understandable.  I fully appreciate that some mums with young babies might not want any interaction, so maybe people feel its more respectful to leave them alone.  

I get it, I get it all, but I am just so glad that having been through all I have, I now have the foresight and confidence to do my best to connect with others in any way I can to bring a little light and sparkle to their day.

Whether through a friendly smile to a stranger, an offer of help, holding a door open, or simply a cheery good morning.

Doing these very simple things fills my heart with warmth and really does make me feel like I’m sharing a little light.

I fully appreciate you might read this and roll your eyes thinking I’m a bit bonkers, but I can honestly say that it brings me pure joy, and on International Women’s Day in particular, if it can spread a little to others too, then why not have a go yourself..?

Jo runs a private Facebook group solely for Busy mums who run their own businesses - TO SUPPORT, SHARE & INSPIRE!

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