Glenn Taylor


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Glenn Taylor is an expert in the gut microbiome, co-founder and Director of Science at the Taymount Clinic in Hertfordshire, the world’s first and largest specialist FMT clinic. In research and development since 2003 and opened in 2012, The Taymount Clinic leads the field in the groundbreaking area of Fecal Microbiota Transplant Therapy, making a difference to patients from across the globe who have gut flora dysbiosis.

Glenn started his working career as a qualified engineer specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering, later developing those skills in HM Armed Forces as a member of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). He moved his attention to what he refers to as the “soft machine” and incorporating his early love of Human Biology, he switched his professional attention to the human anatomy/physiology. Glenn steered his focus to digestion and colon health in 2002. Working in a colon hydrotherapy and naturopathic clinic, Glenn soon realized that it made no sense to remove bacterial colonies from the gut of patients who had digestive health issues, without encouraging the microflora to repopulate. This led to Glenn focusing his work on restoring the gut microbiota through the process of using healthy stool from a screened donor - FMT.

Glenn has been responsible for developing the unique laboratory and therapy protocol and processes since 2003, and the clinic has now seen over 800 patients through their doors to try this revolutionary therapy with over 10,000 implants having taken place. Specifically, Glenn has developed The Taymount Clinic’s Donor Selection and Quarantine Safety processes, Laboratory Stool Processing System and the Therapy Delivery Program. As Director of Science, Glenn oversees the lab team and the entire processing system and supervises the training of the staff to deliver the therapy program.

Glenn has been a guest speaker at many events including Allergy Research, Holistic Sweden, The Membrane Conference Las Vegas and has been interviewed by Chris Kresser. He has been featured on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped with Jimmy Doherty, Health Detectives with Dr Pixie McKenna as well as BBC Horizon.

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