Debbie Bird



Debbie has been a friend of the Media Snug for many many years (now we are showing our age!)  She has worked as an Editor and Content Director for numerous high profile magazines and websites in the parenting market, but last year took a very brave decision, and one which we admire her hugely for, to challenge herself and step into employment in a completely different sector.  She keeps her toe dipped in the parenting market however, as a Board member of the Children's Activities Association and was most recently seen on stage inspiring women at the Mum & Working Academy


Do you have inspirational quotes? 

Be Professional, be passionate, be kind

But I also love this quote;




What have been your highs & lows? 

My High when I finally conceived my son after 5 years of IVF.  Having had such a difficult time I decided then that my work life balance would need to change, and I set about re-training, so I could work around my baby.  I have managed to work flexibly for 19 years now in a sector that I love, parenting.  My passion for the nursery industry has not changed and I continue to have a commitment to supporting women, new mums and parents.


My Low was when the website Babyworld was disconnected and closed.  After 10 years of being the Editor it felt very personal to me.  Although not my business it was “mine”.  I loved it with a passion, enjoyed the opportunity it gave me to work flexibly and communicate with so many people.  It has now gone but the memories for me will live forever.


What do you think is the biggest issue facing women today?  

I believe the biggest issue is self-confidence.  It is changing, but slowly and I would love to see more women believe in themselves, including me!  It would be wonderful if all men and women supported each other, sometimes the “sisterhood” has a jealousy about it.  I hope that changes will happen and that we support everyone in their work life decisions. 


What advice do you have for other women?  

Trust your instincts!  If it feels right it probably is… Believe in yourself, your ability and seek help from everyone you can.  People generally like to support and nurture, you may come across a few that won’t, but join a networking group and put yourself out there.  The more women that do this the more will follow.  Have confidence in yourself and shine….


Do you think it’s important to have International Women’s Day and why?  

I think this day is special as it celebrates women across the world.  Being a part of the IWD by being a woman is important to me.  Acknowledging the achievements of inspirational women globally and feeling a part of a world movement.  To think my gender plays a part in this special day, and that I am not just a “woman” living life and supporting my family but part of a much larger party.

Debbie Bird