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Cathy has over thirty years’ experience working in the Nursery industry. It all began when, at home with her first child and talking with another new mum, she realised that her work with Which? magazine gave her a unique insight into products, what works, what is needed and above all, what products suit differing families.

Cathy had joined the Consumers’ Association, the publishers of Which? after completing her Ph.D. and had worked for several years in their Laboratory, putting products through their paces. “It was an education, learning how to analyse product features.”

After writing many ‘How to choose…’ articles for several parenting magazines over the next eight years, Cathy turned her attention to writing for the trade press, taking on the editorship first of Nursery Industry and then founding Nursery Today before setting up on her own with Nursery Online, now the leading online trade newsletter for the nursery industry.

She spends her time working on Nursery Online, Nursery Online International  and her latest project,

Buying4baby is designed to help parents find the right products for themselves and their new family, giving them the information they need to make informed choices.

Cathy is an acknowledged expert on nursery industry products and is qualified to discuss what is available and above all, what is really needed within the parenting world.

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