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Our client Anisha Joshi, Osteopath at The Woodside Clinic, had advice to offer, and we knew how to get the word out there. 



Going Public

Here at The Media Snug, we handle public relations for various experts, all with a great deal of knowledge to impart to members of the public.

When Anisha approached us and asked if we could help her communicate her expertise, we knew exactly how to shine the limelight on her.

With everybody experiencing a form of back pain at some point in their life, Anisha had a large audience to talk to.  Of course, a general feature on looking after your back would be helpful but how about really getting down to the nitty gritty.  What exactly was bothering the nation’s back health?

The features

Women’s Health magazine ran with Anisha’s first feature at the beginning of July; “An osteopath reveals the downside of having ample assets”.  In this article, Anisha tackles how to stop back pain from big boobs.

Screenshot 2018-07-04 15.00.10.png

As this helpful story is continued we see quotes; “Big breasts can have a massive impact on your body and the way you live,” says Anisha Joshi, Osteopath at The Woodside Clinic. Fantastic! Now Anisha is not only an expert in her field, they also know how to reach her.

Later in July, came Anisha’s second piece of press. Once again in Women’s Health magazine. She takes this chance to explain exactly what she does and how she can help people.

“Who you gonna call?

A physiotherapist?

An osteopath?

Or a chiropractor?”

Screenshot 2018-07-25 12.37.08.png

Anisha further cements her place of authority in the article by making reference to her membership of a well known body, in this instance “Anisha Joshi, The Woodside Clinic and member of The Institute of Osteopathy

There’s no stopping her now

It seems as though we’ll be hearing from Anisha more and more in the next few months.  With each time she gets in the press growing her presence as an expert in her field.

If you’d like help getting into the press get in touch with us.