Business thrives in Englands green and pleasant land!

In the light of recent times, there’s never been a better reason to celebrate our good old English heritage.

Brexit is looming and we’ll soon be standing on our own two feet. Spring has been a complete washout, yet surprised us with a glimpse of summer weather (for a few hours anyway). We’re expecting a new heir to the throne any day, and thanks to Harry and Megan, we’ll also be invited to watch the latest royal wedding bash.

Not to mention, the latest box office hit seeing one of our most-loved childhood characters, Peter Rabbit brought to life through the magic of film.


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Great English innovation

So, in celebration of St George’s Day, we thought we’d give a shout out to just some of our favourite smaller British brands from around the island. How many have you already discovered? 

Heading north to Yorkshire, Mummy Loves Organics has created a luxurious range of candles and reed diffusers, just perfect for an indulgent home spa or to treat a new parent. We also love their Sleepy Baby essential oils to help new babies settle into their sleeping environments and soothe any disorders that might affect slumber.

Punting down the river in Cambridgeshire, baby product inventors, Bibetta offer award-winning bibs, aprons, placemats and change mats to help with weaning and beyond. They’ve even recently teamed up with another British institution, Annabel Karmel to launch a brand new range of designs for spring - all featuring their innovative springy pocket to catch dropped food as little ones begin to self-feed.

Not forgetting the all important help lots of Grandparents offer, Hertfordshire- based Grandparent Hub have created an online community to share, laugh and support each other in the highs and lows of modern day grand parenting duties.

Also in booming Hertfordshire, you’ll find the renowned Haelan Therapy, offering holistic treatments, courses and retreats, and Woodside Clinic, award-winning osteopath, sports therapy, and wellbeing centre. It’s certainly a great excuse for some self-care!

Arriving in our patriotic capital, we’re always overwhelmed by big brands with even larger reputations, but we have picked a few emerging favourites to shout out.

Hailing from London, Nibbling offers glamorous Mums the chance to stay stylish whilst also helping their babies to soothe their gums with the 100% safe silicon teething accessories and jewellery. Timber and builder’s merchant, Buttles provides materials to national house builders, local developers, general contractors, public sector organisations and home improvers. The Children’s Activities Association is an industry-led, not-for-profit community interest helping to raise the standard of children's activities as well as give more families access to excellent activities. Last but not least for our fine city, virtual reality content creators, Spinview helps you to monetise your content through unique VR or 360 pieces to tell an immersive story.

Proving that Essex isn’t all just fake tan and bling, soon to launch, YOLO is reinventing stationery for Busy Mums. Standing for ‘Your Own Life Organised’, designed by Mums for Mums, these handy organisers have tear out sections for each week, a notebook and a diary in one to juggle day-to-day tasks

Perhaps best know for it’s world famous university or boat race, Oxfordshire is also responsible for the ingenious Spacecot; the lightest and quickest travel cot to put up and collapse single-handedly. Perfect for travel or as a back up play pen.

Not wanting the be left out, the remaining Home Counties have their own boasts too. For baby change bags and accessories, Buckinghamshire is your place. Zellie’s range of baby travelling accessories sets itself apart from other brands, and also offers an online hub with advice and resources to make the journey as easy and stress-free as possible. Bedfordshire is the unlikely home of one of Europe’s leading banana importers and ripeners, SH Pratt's with over five decades of experience. And finally, baby product specialists 2012 Ltd brings a number of innovations to traditional baby categories from Sussex through wholesale distribution.

So there you have it. Without even realising it, our country is breeding a new age of innovation and change to otherwise traditional industries.

Now that’s something to be proud of!