Introducing Preview Baby!

Introducing our newest client - Preview Baby

With backgrounds in midwifery, hypnobirthing and phlebotomy, Preview Baby understand the significance of getting the most out of your pregnancy. Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, they are an exciting new clinic that's easily accessible within the home counties and London. 

They offer a wide range of cutting-edge scanning options, hypnobirthing courses and excellent products to help enhance your antenatal experience by complementing the NHS offering. 

The pregnancy scans they offer range from 2D to the amazing new live 4D HD, which uses a moveable light source inside the probe to not only provide 3D and 4D imaging, but also light up the baby. This makes it possible for soon-to-be parents to see the facial expressions of their child; watching them yawn, wink and smile!

They also offer screening for Group B strep - the most common cause of life threatening infections in new born babies in the UK. Babies can be exposed to GBS before or during birth, however the NHS does not routinely test for it. Preview Baby offers a simple home test kit that can be purchased from their clinic. 

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