Afzaal Mauthoor


Considered a ‘mad scientist’ in the entrepreneurial and philanthropy space in London, Afzaal Mauthoor has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He now shares his know-how and strategies with new CEOs of exciting brands through his company Profoundly.

Afzaal started his career as an ecotourism consultant in the depths of jungles of Borneo, helping orang-utan wildlife centres develop an entrepreneurial model from the rising gap year industry. In the UK, he founded The Great Projects , winning several responsible tourism awards and voted as The Guardian’s most innovative eco initiative for a gorilla project in Uganda. The sale of the brand burst him into the arena of the entrepreneur in London and he never looked back. 

Afzaal later lead a team of programmers to win the world's first travel hackathon to build a travel tech company in 48 hours, incubating the tech startup at He founded The Philanthropy Club, a non-profit private members club in City of London for emerging philanthropists, where he was noted as one of the top three philanthropy disruptors in Europe by the Economist. He combined his passion for helping causes with his knowledge in tech to found Inspired Ventures where he served as CEO for a year - a charity fundraising tech and travel booking platform for fundraising sports challenges. 

Afzaal currently owns Profoundly, a professional co-founder service supporting CEOs of start-up brands offering a deeper involvement in his client’s business compared to any accelerator, incubator or business consultant. As a professional co-founder, he takes on the responsibility of the business operations to help realise the CEO’s vision, keeping them creating and driving the company forward. The role of the “co-founder” is to support the business operations, strategic decisions, raise investment or funding, and even early sales. 

With such global experience across Africa and Asia, Afzaal now specialises in being a co-founder of UK SMEs to refine their international market entry strategy into African and Asian markets. He has a passion for sharing the golden gates to more lucrative markets with British SME’s, compared to just selling to the UK or Europe. This year he has a focus on UK wellness brands entering China, South East Asia, and impact investments into Africa. 

“The weakening pound makes British products more affordable overseas and all eyes are in Asia, Middle East on British business, so British made franchises should take advantage of this window”. Afzaal Mauthoor Co-founder The Love Wellness Company

When he gets time off, Afzaal writes genre screenplay for movies and his most recent short movie was featured in Cannes Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival. “Writing for movies helps balance my creative side with my strategic brain creating a wonderful mental balance to live life to the fullest”. 

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